How It Works

Structured Meetings

Every meeting follows an organized and structured agenda. This helps to ensure all of our members find value each time we get together.

Meeting Agenda

  • 15 minutes of open networking
  • Formal meeting announcements
  • Member introductions and referral asks
  • Featured Member Presentation
  • Referral passing / testimonials
  • Leadership report
  • Member announcements
  • Meeting adjourned

“Our networks are your networks.”

One of the most important parts of the meeting is the member introductions and referral asking. This is an opportunity to let the group know specifically what type of referral you’re looking for.

Maybe there is a specific business or person you’re trying to get in front of or a certain industry you’d like to gain as a client. At WIN, our networks are your networks.

There's Wealth in Numbers

Working together, acting as extensions of each member’s sales team, we’re creating a network of referrals built on trust.

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